The Art Project: Self-Portrait


This art project is based on Judith Leyster's artwork "Self-Portrait", where she is doing what she loves, painting. We will do a 3D self-portrait doing something we reading in this example. Yes, I do love to read! You can choose to do a book on your favorite topic.

MATERIALS NEEDED: Construction paper of various colors, scissors, glue and markers.

Step 1
Choose the background color paper. Then choose the skin color paper. Do an oval shape and shoulders by drawing lightly with pencil on the skin color paper. Do it big enough so that it fills in the background page.
Step 2
Do not glue anything. Cut the oval and shoulder drawing and place it on the background paper.

Step 3
Trace your hands on the skin color paper and then cut around your drawing.
Step 4
Draw some lips and eyes and cut those too. For the nose, fold skin color paper in half, then do the shape, so that when you cut it, you have two similar sides that you can later glue to the face.
Step 5
Draw ears on the skin paper and cut those too. Then do a shirt or blouse for your drawing. Draw it big enough to cover the whole bottom portion of your background paper. First draw it and then cut it off and place it on top of the shoulders you already have cut.

Step 6
Take another construction for the hair. By working with the oval shape you already have cut, draw
your hairstyle. Then cut the haircut shape and place it on your paper head. You can cut lines for long hair or cut more individual lines and glue them on separately for other hairstyles.  
Step 7 
Decide on the accessories, like buttons, scarf, earrings, hairpins. Cut those off and place them on your artwork in process.

Step 8
Now you can glue, starting with your head, then the clothing, then the mouth, nose, eyes and ears.  Make sure you lay things out first, before you glue them so you know where they need to go.

Step 9
Glue your hair on the top only. You want your hair to be loose, without glue. Then glue the accessories.

Step 10
Take another paper and do a book cover. Take your time drawing the cover and title of your favorite subject. Make sure it has about an inch in the middle, so that when you fold the book you can see the title of the book. Don't make it too big, as your cut off hands will need to hold it.

Step 11
Take your cut off hands and place them on the bottom side corners, so that your thumbs are on top. (See last picture) Glue your hands down, but only half way, so that the upper palm and fingers are not glued down. Your fingers should be free without glue.
Step 12
Place the book where you wish to hold it and glue part of the sides unto your body. Then take the parts of the hands and fingers and glue them to the outside of the cover of the book. You may not need to glue the entire hands and fingers, just part of them. When you are finished, step back and admire your 3D self-portrait!

Read more about Judith Leyster here.
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