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"Scribbles Kids Art Site" was my very first website, built in October 2000.  It was on the Internet for 6 years before it went on hiatus for a couple of years.  I had been a volunteer art docent for a few years by then and I wanted to make art available to a wide range of children outside the classrooms I taught. 

I had barely discovered the internet, so I had no knowledge on how to build a website, but I taught myself on a free web hosting site. I spent all my free time building Scribbles. I had over 500 pages when the hosting site decided to charge for hosting services.  With the amount of hosting pages I had, my yearly fees were $300.00 per year. 

I had hoped that the website would generate some income.  At least to pay for the hosting fees and the art sets I would give to children every month, since I had 7 art contests for children of all ages. 

Although the site was number one at Yahoo, received several awards, and it was linked to museums like the Getty and Georgia O'Keeffe, the website really didn't generated income because I didn't want to place many ads on the site. 

On May 2006 Scribbles went on hiatus for three years. It was hard to make the choice of putting the site on hold, but I felt I would bring it back for kids to enjoy.  Now part of it is back.  It doesn't currently have any art contests as the original site, but you will find a lot of the content here.  We will have an annual art contest for kids, so stay in tune for updates.

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