The Art Project: Abstract Art


This art project is based on Jackson Pollock’s artwork “The Moon Woman”. We will create an abstract artwork of a face.

Remember, in abstract art, you recognize the subject but you make some changes so that it is not realistic. Our face will have two sides, one of a side profile and one of the front face in one drawing. We will add elements to the paint as Pollack often did. We will add white glue and salt for texture.

MATERIALS NEEDED: Poster paint, white glue, salt or sand, brushes, paper, newspaper, small water container, small paper cups to mix paint, Q-tip or small squeeze bottle and pencil.

Step 1
Draw lightly your face with pencil, keeping in mind that you want to show a side profile and a full
front face profile. 

Step 2
Once you like your drawing, mix black paint with glue. Equal amounts of glue and black paint. Use this mixture to outline the main lines of your artwork. You can use a small squeeze bottle or a Q-tip to apply mixture on the outline of artwork. It will give your outline a raised line once it dries. You can make your line thin or thick.

Step 3
Once glue/paint mixture dries, color the inner parts of the face with different bold bright colors.

Step 4
For the hair and other details, add to your paint salt (or sand). When you apply it, it will seem like a paste. Use little salt for just a bit of texture or a lot for more texture.

Step 5
Let it dry and if you feel you want to crop your artwork like Pollack sometimes did and cut off part of the canvas, cut away! Now you can show it off.

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