The Art Project: Angel


Boys may want to make a boy angel or an elf. If you are under 9, you may want to use cotton instead of yarn for the hair.

MATERIALS YOU WILL NEED: Small wooded craft bead with small whole through, in this case I am using 22mm. White felt, craft stems (pipe cleaners), 2 white and 1 gold, small paper clip or wire hook for ornaments, ruler, yarn, glitter(optional), black pen, scissors, glue, small paper and newspaper. Kids may need help from parent to cut felt.

STEP 1-Take the wooden bead and with the black pen draw eyes and mouth.

STEP 2-Take one of the white craft stems and bend it in half and insert it through the bead whole so just the tip of it is showing and use your wire hook or paper clip through the loop the stem makes, then pull the craft stem a bit down so that the hook fits snuggly on top. You may need to squeeze your wire hook close so it won't slip off.

STEP 3-Take the other white craft stem and cut it in half. This will turn into arms for angel. Bend the short stem in half so you know where the middle of it is and center it between the wooden bead and the long craft stem that now is bent into two, and twist it once so that it stays in place. Then pull arms and legs down so that all parts almost together.

STEP 4-Cut a small piece of white felt (Approx. 2" x 4") and bend it in half so that it is about 2" x 2". This will be the angel's top so bend it in half and at the top, where the bent area is, cut a very small "V" shape (leaving some shoulder area on the sides of the "V") so that when you unfold this piece it looks like a diamond. Then slip this through the craft stem until it's up to the wooden bead, and unbend the arms so they are straight to the sides now. 

STEP 5-Take another piece of white felt for the skirt (approx. 5"x4-1/2") and bend it in half as well. Make strips by cutting the ends into thin strips, leaving about 1/2" from the bent on top area uncut. Then take a piece of yarn about twice as long as width of the skirt. Put this strip in the center of the of the skirt, then bend it so that it looks like an apron with strings on the side.

STEP 6-Put the skirt over the top we made and tie it on the back with a knot. Now take two more small pieces of white felt for the boots (approx. 1" x 2-1/2" each) and bend them over the ends of the longest white craft stem and put glue inside so that they stay. To help them stay on better, take a small piece of yarn, about 4" long and tie them half way around and make bows. Cut off extra yarn. 

STEP 7-The gloves are done the same way as the boots, just use smaller pieces of felt. Tie yarn around them too, after you glue them, but this time don't do the bows.

STEP 8-For the hair cut about 15 pieces of yarn, 6"-8" long, depending on how long you want her hair. Put glue on the wooden bead in the areas you want hair.Then take strings of yarn, and put on, one string at a time, starting from the front and working your way to the back.  Sometimes it's hard for the yarn to stick to the bead so may have to hold it for a bit.

STEP 9-Once your hair is in place, you may want to trim the yarn so it's all the same length. Then take the gold craft stem and make a halo to go around the head.STEP10-Draw a set of wings on paper. When you are happy with your wings, cut the wings and make an outline of them on the white felt and cut them out. If using glitter put glue along the edges and sprinkle them with glitter.STEP 11-Now that you have your wings you can put a strip of glue along the middle, from top to bottom, and put your wings on the back of the angel. May have to hold them for a few minutes while glue dries. STEP 12 (optional)You can make a chorus book with paper and felt for a book cover. Use different color felt for clothing, make a present or a music instrument out of card board, you can even make glasses out of thin wire…just let your imagination take over. 

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