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Here are some fun art games you can try.

Scribble Art                                          

Ask someone to do a simple scribble for you, print our scribble below or you do one yourself.

Take the scribble and turn it into a piece of artwork by using your imagination. 

Here is an example:

We have made the scribble red for this example. Turn it into something we can all recognize. Then you add the final touches.

Print our Scribble


Home Made Art Games

MATCH-UP GAME-Get free art catalogs (you will need two of each), or art magazines and cut out two identical pictures. You will need about 8 different pairs. Then glue them to cardboard or posterboard. Cut them all the same size and have the kids play the match-up game by placing all the cards face down, then have them take turns. Turn two cards at a time and if it's not a match put them back, but if it's a match, you get another turn. The one with the most pairs wins.

PUZZLE-Take your kids artwork, an old poster or calendar page and glue it to cardboard or posterboard. On the back of the cardboard draw a puzzle design. Make big pieces if the child is under 5 or smaller pieces if child is older. Then cut the different shapes and mixed them up. Have your child put it back together.

The Color Game

The object of the game is to say without any mistakes the color of the word, not what it spells. 

For example: On the first word you would say "Orange" even though it spells yellow. 

It's not as easy at it seems so good luck!



BROWN     RED        WHITE 





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