Art Styles


Art Styles - Artist have always expressed themselves through art and with the many changes in events through time, their ideas surfaced in their artwork making new styles of art. Here are some styles of art that you may want to study:

Renaissance: Depending on the country, these paintings show landscapes, people and their environment, as well as the role the church and government played during that time.
The Baroque Period: This shows changes in lifestyle with art that was ornately decorated, dynamic and filled with emotion.
The Impressionists: They show a new way of looking at things, capturing an immediate impression of what the eye sees rather than what the viewer knows or feels about the work. 

The Assignment:

A) Choose any style of painting that you would like to learn more about.

B) Become familiar with the artists that used that style.

C) When you feel you know more about the style of painting you chose, answer the following questions:

1) Why did the style of painting changed? 
2) What were the artists trying to convey?
3) How is the artwork different than the previous style? (For instance: Colors, brushstrokes, composition, etc.)

D) Do your own piece of artwork using this style of painting.

E) Write a short story about this style of painting and why you chose it.


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