The Art Project: City Landscape

This art project is based on John Sloan’s “The City from Greenwich Village”. We will do our own city at night! It would be nice if next time you take a night trip notice how the city landscape looks like.

MATERIALS NEEDED-Dark color construction paper (blue, black or brown), Color pencils (Crayons or Pastels will work too), pencil, eraser, paper and pictures of building from magazines or photographs.

Step 1
Practice on a piece of paper
 first by doing a sketch. Chose where your road will be, making it seem a lot wider on the front of the paper and almost disappearing into a point.

Step 2
Make buildings with depth by pretending there is an invisible horizontal line and a vertical line on the paper. (I have actually drawn those lines as an example). All vertical lines should be parallel and all horizontal lines should be parallel. That means that those lines, if you were to take a ruler, would not cross, but they could break and then continue.

Step 3
Your building should have different heights. As you draw them, remember that buildings closer to the front of the paper appear larger than the ones further in the background.

Step 4
To make building seem to have depth, the side of the buildings should seem to be getting smaller than the front. See sample drawing where each building is sketched in a different color for you to see what this mean.

Step 5
Think of details you may want to add to your buildings, like windows, doors, clocks, lights or signs.

Step 6
Draw other things you may see in a city, like people, cars, buses, dogs, cats, trees, waste baskets, signals or street lights.

Step 7
If you have practiced on your sketch, you are ready to work on your final drawing. Take your construction paper 
and draw very lightly with your pencil, using your sketch as a guide your road, buildings and other things you see in the city that you have added. Just draw the lines.

Step 8
Once you have drawn the lines of the buildings and things, you can start coloring each object separately, using different colors. Don’t worry about the details now, just the basic objects being colored.

Step 9
Now you can start filling in the details, such as the doors, windows, signs and the night sky.

Step 10
When you are finished, step back and see the beautiful city you have created.


Read more about John Sloan here.

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