The Art Project: Clown Profile

This art project is based on Georges Rouault artwork "Profile of a Clown". Rouault used black lines to outline his artwork, almost making it seem as though the artwork was a stainglass window. We will use the same black outline for our clown and color him with different colors.

MATERIAL NEEDED: Crayons, markers or color pencils, paper, ruler, pencil and eraser.

Step 1
Start by drawing a frame for your clown, like Rouault did with his clown.

Step 2
When you draw your clown, draw him big enough so that he fills is most of the space inside the frame. Use very light
pencil lines to do a sketch of your clown.

Step 3
Draw the shape of the face and place the eyes in the middle of the shape. The nose goes between the eyes and the chin and the mouth between the nose and the chin. The ears go between the eyebrows and the bottom part of the nose.
Step 4
Draw the clown’s hair, hat, outfit and any other details you may want to add to it.

Step 5
If you are happy with your sketch, outline with black the clown then color your clown using different colors.


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