Art Project: Crayon Landscape

This art project is based on Paul Cezanne’s style of painting landscapes. Like him, we will find an area outdoors that we would like to draw. If you can not draw outdoors, you may draw from a picture of the outdoors or like Cezanne, when he started to paint he copied the artwork of other famous masters to learn how to paint.

MATERIALS-Crayons, paper, pencil, photo of landscape if you are not drawing outside.

Step 1
Find a scenic area you would like to draw, a photograph of a landscape or a masterpiece of a famous artist showing a landscape.

Take time to notice the shapes of objects in the scene. Like Cezanne, ask yourself if there is a cone, sphere, a cylinder or a square? In this case we are using Cezanne’s “
Trees and House” painting as our inspiration.

Step 2
Do a pencil outline, very lightly so that you can hardly see the outline, keeping the shapes of the objects in mind. You may also be able to trace it.

Step 3
Determine where the light is coming from in your scene and which parts of the scene will be shaded and which will be highlighted. In our inspiration piece you will notice that the sky, house and lower ground are the lightest colors and the trees and leaves the darkest colors.

Step 4
You can try your
crayons first on another piece of paper before using them on your final paper to make sure you have the right color. Also practice making different strokes with them, like thick lines, thin lines, smooth shades or putting layers of different colors on the same area, starting with the lightest first.

Step 5
Take your time and start by coloring in the areas that need the lightest colors first, then the ones in between and at the end the darkest.

It’s always easier to put the lightest colors first generously and if you later want to cover them with a darker color it will be fine, but if you use the darkest colors first and later decided that you wanted that area to be lighter it would be hard to do if you are using crayons or paints.

Step 6
Add any additional details. You can go over some colors or see if there are any areas should put more details on. Remember, Cezanne took even years to complete just one painting, so be patient and do not try to complete the drawing in a hurry. Take your time, if you get tired you can work on it another time.

Step 7
When you are happy with your masterpiece, then it's ready for


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