Art Project: Decoupage Art

This art project is based on Henri Matisse’s artwork “Beast of the Sea”. We will create our own decoupage artwork! 

MATERIALS NEEDED: Different types of 
paper (could be from magazines, newspaper, gift wrap paper, etc.), glue, scissors, markers or paint.

Step 1
Chose a theme and a blank page for your background (chose color depending on your theme). Since Matisse chose the sea for his artwork, we have chosen the sea for this example.

Step 2

Once you have a theme, write down all the things related with that theme. For our example:
Water, fish, star fish, whales, eels, sand, weeds…etc.  You do not have to use all of them.

Step 3
Draw the basic shapes on paper without the details. Then cut them out.

Step 4
Take your basic shapes and choose colors that will match with your object, if you need to paint the paper to match your idea or color it with markers, that’s fine.

Step 5
Once you have the paper you want to use with your shape, trace the outline of your object on the correct colored paper and cut it out.

Step 6
After all your shapes are cut out, rearrange them on your blank page until you like the arrangement.

Step 7
Glue the pieces on your blank page and let them dry.

Step 8
After they are dried, you can go over the entire page with white glue to protect the artwork and let it dry. It will dry clear.

Step 9
You are finished with your masterpiece!


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