Art Project:  Expressive Art


This art project is based on Franz Marc painting “Little Yellow Horses”. We will do a painting based on his use of color as symbols for emotions and we will chose an animal for a subject, as that was his favorite subject.

MATERIALS NEEDED: Newspaper, paper, poster
paint or tempera, brush, pencil, pen and water container with water for rinsing brush.

A) Remember to rinse brush every time you switch colors.
B) Do lighter colors first.
C) Not to use brush like a pencil. Use the tip of the brush with plenty of paint to cover your blank areas.

Step 1
Look at magazines or coloring books and look at pictures or drawings of animals. Choose your favorite animal.

Step 2
Draw with a pencil, very lightly, a sketch of the animal you chose. Remember some of his artwork has a bit of cubism so sketch can be a bit abstract but try to keep the drawing simple.

Step 3
When making your sketch make sure you draw your subject big enough that parts of it touches at least one edge of the paper. We want to use all the space of the paper like Marc.

Step 4
Once you are happy with your sketch, use a black ink pen to outline it, this way it will be easier for you to paint and not worry about covering the outline, as it will show through.

Step 5
Now choose a primary color (blue, red or yellow) to paint your animal’s main body.

Step 6
Choose other primary colors to do the background. Remember Marc liked brilliant colors.

Step 7
Add any missing details to your painting.

Step 8
Let it dry and step back and see how it makes you feel. Happy I hope. 



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