The Art Project: Foil Art

This art project is based on Paul Klee's artwork "Picture Album." We will do our own picture album with symbols using basic lines.

MATERIALS NEEDED: Craft aluminum foil (if you don't have this thick foil, use cooking aluminum foil, just put about 5 sheets together), pen or pencil, black tempera or poster paint, scissors, paper towels and newspaper.

Step 1
Cut foil to the size you prefer using regular scissors. Sample here is about 6" x 6".

Step 2
If you are going to use any letters, practice on a sheet of paper writing them backwards and from right to left. This is because when you draw on foil and you turn it over to see the raised lines you drew, they will be backwards (kind of like looking at it from a mirror).

Step 3
Sketch on a paper a simple design of what you want in your photo album. Remember that you can use symbols to convey your message, like a heart for love.

Step 4
Once you have your sketch of people, pets and items you wish to have in your Picture Album, take your pen or pencil and draw on the back of the foil. (Some foil comes with color, so use the silver side when drawing). If using plain aluminum foil from the kitchen, you may want to put some sheets of newspaper under it so the drawing really shows through. Do the drawing lightly at first, as not to tear the foil but strong enough for the lines to show on the other side.

Step 5
Once you have your drawing completed, turn the foil over and double check all lines came through. You may want to go over some of them to make them come through better.

Step 6
Decided if you want some parts to be all raised. Like parts of the clothing.  If so, turn it over to the side you were drawing on and shade that part in with your pen
or pencil.

Step 7
Now that you are finished with your drawing, you will noticed that your foil is too shiny. You can leave it like that if you wish or you can make it look older, as an old piece of artwork from long ago.

Step 8
You can make your artwork look antique by taking your paper towel and covering the front of your drawing with black tempera or poster paint. Do so by barely touching the artwork so the raised lines won't be pushed in.

Step 9
Then take another towel and wipe off the excess paint, just living some of it on the foil so that it looks like an old piece of artwork.

Step 10
Once it dries, you can glue it on color contruction paper (construction paper will become a back matt for it, so make it at least two inches bigger than the artwork) to make it look even better.



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