The Art Project:  Geometric Art


The Art Project for this month is based on Pablo Picasso's Three Muscians.  We will make a card using geometric figures as art.

MATERIALS: You will need pencil, glue, scissors, construction paper (small pieces of different colors and one big enough for the card, perhaps paper from a magazine or any other colorful paper will do). 



Step 1 Take a full sheet of contruction paper (at least 8-1/2" x 11").  Take the longest side of the paper and fold it in half. You will use it with the fold of the paper on top so that the card can stand on a table.

Step 2
The use left over construction paper (regular color paper or magazine paper will do) and with a pencil draw the shape of the doesn't have to be a circle, it can be oval or even square like Picasso's muscians.

Step 3
The shapes do not have to be perfectly symetrical and you can draw them over again if you don't like the first shape you drew before cutting it out.

Step 4
Using the side with the pencil marks, use a bit of glue and glue it to your card. (This way your pencil marks will not show.)

Step 5
Repeat this for every person you wish to make. Then draw the clothes for your people using geometric shapes, cut them off and glue them to your card.

Step 6
Then draw the arms, legs, shoes and do the same...cut and glue on card.

Step 7
Once you have the basic shapes you can draw hair, eyes (don't have to be circles), mouth and other things you may wish to add. Cut them and glue them on your card.

Step 8
Once finished, add the final details: Buttons, pockets, belts, other items, pets...whatever you wish.

Step 9
Let it dry and then you can write a message for your father or grandpa inside the card.



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