Hero Story  (Amelia Earhart)


Hero story – There are many stories throughout history about known people that are thought of as a Hero. They have filled our imagination of what it would be like to have known them or meet them. I like the story about Amelia Earhart, one of the world's most known American aviators. Earhart broke records and charted new skies, but one day while on a flight around the world she disappeared.

The Assignment:

A) Choose a real person that did something that to you makes him or her a hero.

B) Learn as much as you can about their life. See if there are any photographs or painting about that person.

C) If there is artwork about this hero by different artists, note any similarities or differences in their paintings. Did they use any symbols to help them express their ideas?

D) Make your own work of art about your Hero highlighting the most important traits.

E) Write a short story about your Hero. 


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