The Art Project: Impressionist Drawing


This art project is based on Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s painting “Monet Painting in His Garden at Argenteuil”. We will do our own Impressionist drawing.

MATERIALS NEEDED: Markers, Crayons or Color Pencils and paper.

Step 1
Lightly do an outline of the objects you are going to draw. Make it a simple drawing.

Step 2
Very lightly shade in the different objects of your drawing, almost as a faded background. For example, in this drawing, the apple is first shaded in a very light red.

Step 3
Once you have shaded all of the areas in your drawing. Start with one object and do small strokes of the same or darker color, until you fill in all the area with these small strokes. They could be dots or small dashes. In this sample you can see the apple being filled with a dark red.

Step 4
If you put the strokes closer together it will appear as a darker area from far away. If you put the strokes with more spaces in between them, they will appear as lighter from far away.

Step 5
Complete all the different areas in your drawing with small strokes, using different colors and shades of that color for each object.

Step 6
Once all of your drawing is filled in with colorful small strokes, stand back, you may want to add a few more small strokes in areas that should be darker.

Step 7
When you are finished you can show off your Impressionist drawing!


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