The Art Project: Large Flower


The Art Project for this month is to do an enlarged flower, based on “White Pansy” by Georgia O’Keeffe.

MATERIALS NEEDED: Pastels, construction paper (color paper works best with pastels), pictures from a magazine of flowers (if you have a real flower model it’s better).

Step 1
Once you find your flower you can decide how you are going to frame it or what changes you are going to make on your drawing. 


Step 2

To do an enlarged flower you need to make sure that portions of the flower touches each of the four edges of your drawing paper.

Step 3
Mark with a pencil very lightly the edges where your flower will touch.

Step 4
Lightly outline the edges of your flower with pencil so that you can barely see the outline yourself. It is important that you fill your paper with the flower.

Step 5
Look at the flower and see if you can find the darkest places and the lightest places. See where one color blends or merges with another color.

Step 6
Avoid outlining any part of the flower with dark thick lines. Instead try using color to create edges by putting a darker color next to a lighter color.

Step 7
Fill in the lightest color first. You can use your fingers to smooth or mix the pastels on your paper for a soft effect.

Step 8
Do each petal lightly in pastel in a different direction. Then go back and smooth each petal.

Step 9
Add more color to the areas of the petal you feel need to be darker and the areas that need to be lighter leave them as they are.

Step 10
The effect of volume is achieved by using a darker color on the parts that curve away from you and making the parts closest to you the lightest.

Step 11
Do the darker colors next. First lightly color the areas that need to be done and smooth these areas with your fingers. Then add more pastels where you feel needs to be darker.

Step 12
If something seems too dark for you, you can always add white and smooth it in.

Step 13
Fill in all the missing details for the flower.

Step 14
Don’t forget to add some leaves on the background.



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