MARC CHAGALL-He was born in a Russian village in 1887. He was the first of nine children. Although his family was poor, they recognized that Marc had talent and made sure that he had art lessons. He left for Paris in 1910 and there he made friends with other artists including Delaunay and Modigliani. By 1922 his reputation was solidly established.

Chagall's art was often based upon folk tales and memories of the village in Russia where he was born. He used his imagination to create visual poetry. Sometimes his works are difficult to explain since so many of them touch upon the world of dreams, symbolism, and fantasy.

Chagall did paintings and illustrated books as well. He believed strongly in love and its power and spoke of painting as being more necessary than food. He compared art to a window through which he could fly to another world. In his dream world, anything delightful could happen. When he died in 1985, he left a painter's legacy to this world, filled with fairy tales coming true.

STAINED- GLASS WINDOW IN HOMAGE TO DAG HAMMARSKJOLD-The brilliant, frosted blue seen in this detailed stained-glass window was one of Marc Chagall's favorite colors. He designed this work of art in honor of Dag Hammarskjold, a Swedish diplomat who served as secretary-general of the United Nations from 1953-1961. This window is installed in the United Nations headquarters in New York City.

The many pieces of colored glass seen in this window were cut according to Chagall's design and plan, then joined together with lead strips. These lead strips are the clean black lines that we see dividing the composition into sharp angles and gentle curves.

In this window we see a mother holding a baby and near the pair is a floating head, a typical Chagall symbol. A lion springs upward in the lower-left portion of the artwork. Chagall gave a human quality to the birds and animals in the composition. The sun or perhaps the moon, is a bright yellow accent in the luminous sky. Chagall's art was full of magic and mystery.  


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