The Art Project:  Mosaic Art


This project is based on M. C. Escher and since he was inspired to do his amazing art by a mosaic artists, we will do a mosaic art with a twist of perspective as well.

Since for children real ceramic tiles are hard to work with, we will make our tiles for the mosaic out of construction paper.

With Valentines just around the corner we will keep our design simple and make two hearts. You can make this project as detailed and colorful as you wish. With paper tiles in different shapes and sizes for a more interesting project.

MATERIALS NEEDED: Newspaper, glue stick, scissors, colorful construction paper and pencil.

Step 1
Choose your contruction paper for the background. Then chose your main subjects color and an accent color for the outside of the main subject.

Step 2
Draw your design, you may want to practice on regular paper first. Once you know what you want to draw, draw it on your construction paper.

An artwork is more interesting when all of the paper is fully used, so when you draw your design, make it smaller then what you would like it to be on your background paper because it will expand once you make it into paper tiles.

Step 3
Cut out your design. In this case we cut out two hearts.

Step 4
Place it on your background paper just to make sure is smaller than what you would like it to be. If so, then work with one piece at a time.

Step 5
Take one heart and cut down the middle vertically. Then work your way to the sides, cutting it into strips. To make it more interesting, this first heart will be cut with wide strips of paper first, then as we cut toward the edge, they will get narrow in size.

Step 6
Do the same with the other heart, but this time start with cutting narrow strips and then making them wider as you work toward the outside edge.

Step 7
Arrange the strips on your background paper and start as close as you can to the edge of the background paper. Take the first strip and put glue on the back.

Step 8
Then cut this first strip vertically into small pieces and place them on the background paper, leaving a small space between them (this would be where the grout would go if it were a real ceramic mosaic) but following the same pattern it would go if it were one piece.

Step 9
Cut one strip at a time and also glue one tile at a time so tiles don’t get mixed up.

Step 10
You can even place the full strip with glue in the back where it belongs, and cut the square tiles as you go.

Step 11
When you have completed the main objects, then you can work on the background making square tiles. Again, making strips are easy to manage and gluing one at a time. You can make the strips in different widths and shapes too.

Step 12
Once all of your paper tiles are in place, step back and watch your mosaic art. It took a lot of time but it was worth it!


Read more about M. C. Escher here.

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