Art Project:  Non-Objective Art

This art project is based on Vasily Kandinsky “Improvisation 31 (Sea Battle)”. Since Kandinsky painted to classical music for inspiration, you need to put on classical music by Beethoven, Mozart, Brahus, Chopin or your favorite classical music
. While you listen to this music just start painting your masterpiece.

MATERIALS NEEDED: Poster paint or watercolors, white paper (heavier the better), brushes, black marker, water container, water, newspaper and classical music.

Step 1
Nonobjective painting gives you freedom to paint whatever you feel without worry about your artwork looking like anything in specific. Do remember to rinse your brushes when changing colors.

Step 2
As you listen to classical music a subject for your artwork may come.

Start painting with primary colors your background. Do not use the black paint until last.

Step 3
Once your background is covered with colors, you can use black paint (black marker may be easier for younger kids) for the main subject. Use thin black lines that represent a familiar shape of your subject.

Step 4
While your artwork
dries and the music plays, start a new masterpiece!

Read more about Vasily Kandinky here.

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