The Art Project: House


This art project is based on “The Little House” painted by Vermeer. Vermeer loved to paint all the little details he observed in his surroundings. Have you noticed your street and the houses and buildings on it lately? Have you stopped to watch the people on your street as they go about their daily tasks?

STEP 1-For this art project you need to look around your street and choose a house or building you may want to draw.

First take some time to observe your surroundings very carefully. Notice the shapes of the houses or buildings. What colors are the roofs? Which way do the lines on the windows and doors go? What is the texture of the shrubs, flowers or trees? How does this scene make you feel?

STEP 2- Using pencil very lightly, sketch your landscape. You may use any medium for this project, but if you use color pencils, crayons or markers it may be easier to draw details.

STEP 3-After you do your sketch, start by filling in the background. Is the sky cloudy? What shape are the clouds? Can you think of other things you see in the sky?

STEP 4-Fill in the middle ground by using the lightest colors first and then the darkest last. You can draw here the building or house you chose, people or animals if any.

STEP 5-Do the foreground by including people, pets, trees or cars. Whatever you see in front of the home that you may want to include. You do not have to draw all the things you see in front, you may want to leave some out.

STEP 6-When you are finished go back and add any details you may have missed. 


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