Pablo Picasso was born in 1881 in Spain. When he was 5 years old his mother caught him using a nail to scratch the living room walls to make his drawings of animals. At school a teacher was upset at him for painting a bright red sky instead of a blue one.

His father was an art teacher and was amazed of his sons talent. He once drew a dolphin in the wet sand at the beach that was so beautiful that his father decided to take him to his studio and let him paint.

When Picasso was thirteen his father handed over his brushes and paints to his son and gave up painting. At fifteen Picasso was admitted to the Royal Academy in Madrid but he instead decided to go to Barcelona where he painted on anything he was allowed to.

While young Picasso went through a Blue Period (where he used the color blue in his paintings to show suffering, hunger and poverty)in 1904 he went to Paris and met other artists and studied their techniques and went through his Rose period (where he began to paint lively circus figures).

Picasso invented and developed Cubism, the school of art that breaks up natural objects and people into geometric forms. Things in cubism do not look the way real objects look, but they do show some resemblance usually.

Picasso was also a sculpture, did ceramics and lithographic prints. He lived until the age of ninety-two, when he passed away in 1974 leaving over fifty thousand works of art he created.

THREE MUSICIANS: Picasso took three musicians and put took them apart, kind of like a jig saw puzzle the put them back together again in a new way. On this painting you can see a Pierrot (in white), the Harlemquin (wearing red and yellow) and a bearded monk. The words Pierrot an Harlemquin mean "French Clowns".

This cubist painting has many bright, flat colors and geometric shapes. The dark background causes these bright colors and crisp white shapes to stand out. If you notice there is very few rounded shapes and no shading.

Also under the musicians we can see dog hiding behind their legs. 

What kind of shapes can you find?
What kind of music do you think these musicians play? 
What instruments do they play?

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