Painting Tips
colorful paper with hand

SNOW-If you want the effect of snow on your painting, take an old tooth brush, dip it in paint and run your fingers through the brush and watch it splatter on your paper just like snow falling.

CRAYON RESIST-You can use crayons to draw detail images and then use watercolors for the rest. The wax from the crayons will not allow the watercolors to cover the details you drew in crayon.

MASKING TAPE-If there is an area you want to leave blank but don't want to worry about painting over it, cover it with Masking tape. Remove it when you are finished and you will have a blank area to work with.

PAINT EFFECTS-Add detergent to prevent cracking. Condensed milk for a glossy look. Alum as a preservation. Sawdust, salt, crushed eggshells, or coffee grounds to give texture.


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