The Art Project:  Photo Ornament


This art project is based on the versatile artist Frederic Remington’s “The Fall of the Cowboys”. This popular artist captured the spirit and vigor of frontier life as it changed, through his paintings, sculptures and writings. Since we are close to the holidays, we are going to do our own artwork reflecting the holiday season by creating homemade ornaments. You will need photographs you can spare but if you can’t spare them, you can take a copy of them first. You can use up those small photographs that you get when you have portraits made and are too small to give to family.

MATERIALS NEEDED: Photograph, card stock paper (3” x 5” index cards work), markers or color pencils, pencil, scissors, stick and thread.

Step 1
Take the photograph and notice how big the face area is and take your card stock paper and lightly draw with pencil an oval shape for the approximate size of the face. It’s best to be on the small size when drawing the oval face shape, you can later make it bigger if you need to.

Step 2
Now decide what your holiday outfit is going to be. In this example we are doing a skiing outfit.

Step 3
Draw the body with the outfit you chose lightly with pencil, in proportion to the face.

Step 4
Draw lightly any accessories. In this example I am drawing skis and poles.

Step 5
Now have an adult help you cut off the oval part of the face from the card stock. You can do this by making a small indentation through the middle of the face area, then working yourself outward, cutting around the entire interior of the oval face shape.

Step 6
Cut of the outer part of the body now. Then trace the outer part of the body around another piece of card stock paper.

Step 7
Cut off the other shape of the body you just traced as well. Now you have a backside.

Step 8
Draw lightly with pencil the shape of the back of the outfit and accessories.

Step 9
Now you can color the front of the body and the back with markers or color pencils.

Step 10
Take the photograph and align the outfit so that the face is showing through the oval shape you had cut off. You may need to cut off a bit more if your first oval shape was too small and the entire face is not showing.

Step 11
Glue the area around the face to the card stock paper from the front. Then glue the back of the body to the back as well, leaving the head unglued for now.

Step 12
Now you will have some parts of the picture showing that need to be trimmed off so that only the outline of the body is showing.

Step 13
Take a piece of thread and put it between the photograph and back of the body shape and glue it there. This will allow you to put a hook for hanging on the tree or around the chimney.

Step 14
You can do several different outfits for as many photographs you can spare. Show off your artwork!


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