The Art Project:  Pointillism


This art project is based on a technique created by Georges Seurat called “Pointillism” which uses small dots or strokes of contrasting color to create subtle changes in form. We will do the artwork using pencil as a sketch only.

MATERIALS NEEDED-Pencil, pencil sharpener
, eraser, scratch paper and a good piece of paper.

Step 1
Practice doing dots on a scratch piece of paper first. Creating clean clear dots, without little tails or marks, is not as easy as it seems.

Step 2
Once you have practiced doing dots, make a few sketches of something simple for this artwork. It could be a square or circle if you are under eight years of age or a 3-D drawing, like a cube if you are older, or several objects together.

Step 3
Select where in your picture light is coming from so you know which areas will be lighter and which areas will be darker.

Step 4
Now you can use your good paper to start drawing your sketch using pointillism, that means you will draw without using lines. You can only use dots!

Step 5
The areas that are hit by light will have dots more spread apart than the areas where light hardly hits (shadows), which will have dots closer together for the appearance of darkness.

Step 6
Start by placing a few dots closer together in the areas that will be darker and a few dots widely apart in areas that will be lighter.

Step 7
Keep filling in your artwork with dots until it is all completed with light and dark areas. It takes a lot of patience and a lot of time to finish this project but the results are great.

(Scanners and digital cameras do not show pencil drawings that well so you can't really see the the results of this art project well, but it's a great skill to learn)  




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