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Portraits: Self Portraits, Family Portraits, Pet Portraits – Portraits tell a story about people and their lifestyles. Throughout time paintings and photographs show how times have changed. Your own photo albums show generations of a family. You were probably told stories about your family and where it came from, traditions held, believes or just something funny someone did.

The Assignment:

A) Talk to your family members about stories that have been passed on in your family from generation to generation.

B) Choose your favorite family story. It could be a story about yourself or even your pet. See if there are any pictures of the people involved in this story or portraits painted.

C) If there are no photographs or portraits of the people involved, and you chose people you don’t know or remember how they look, ask others to describe them to you.

1) How did they look? The color of their hair and eyes?
2) How they dressed?
3) Where they short or tall?
4) Thin or heavy?

D) Once you have an idea, make a portrait of the main people in your story.

E) Then write a short story about it and also tell why you chose it.

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