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The art project for this month is based on Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec poster artwork. He is the first artist associated with advertisement, so we will advertise a theatrical play by creating a poster. You may choose your favorite play or choose one from the suggestions below.

Note: Posters are to be seen from far away so you need to make your wording and picture big enough for others to see. Also because the more colors you use on a poster, the more expensive it is to reproduce, you can only use 4 colors, besides black for outlining, on this project.

MATERIALS NEEDED: Poster board or Construction paper, any of the following or a combination of all: Markers, Crayons, Pastels and/or Color Pencils. Eraser, pencil and scratch paper.

Step 1
Choose your favorite play or from any one of these:

A) My Fair Lady by Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe: This is a play about a professor who finds a poor girl that doesn’t know how to read or write and had terrible manners and through giving her lessons she turns into a polite, well read, society girl.

B) Cinderella by Vern Adix: This is a play about a mean step-mother that makes her step daughter do all the chores. She has two mean-step sisters as well. But one day Cinderella meets her God Mother and she is able to attend the King’s Ball where she falls in love with the Prince.

C) No One Will Marry A Princess With A Tree Growing Out Of Her Head! By Michael Elliot Brill: A bad wizard puts a spell on a teenage princess and now she is growing a tree out of her head. Only Merlin, the good wizard can help.

D) Westward Ho! By Mike Flanagan: This play is about famous and not so famous characters of the wild west, like Lewis and Clark, Thomas Jefferson, Indians, Levis, etc.

Step 2
Your poster will need to show artwork that will reflect your play, the title of the play and who it was written by. Also a make-belief or real theatre name where it will be playing at.

Step 3
Start by working on a regular piece of paper and seeing what type of lettering you want to use. You may get some ideas by looking at the fonts in your computer.

Step 4
Sketch the picture you want to use…but keep in mind that the poster will have only 4 colors and the shades of those colors. For instance, one of the colors may be yellow, but you can also use dark yellow or light yellow. Try to stick with only 4 colors and it’s shades.

Step 5
Once you have an idea of the picture you want to create, play with the title and theatre name to see where you would like to place them on your poster. Remember that it could be anywhere on the poster and it doesn’t have to be vertical, the wording could be diagonal, it could be curved or could go through the actual picture.

Step 6
Once your practice sketch is finished and you are happy with it, sketch it on your poster board using very light pencil lines.

Step 7
You can now start coloring your poster.




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