The Art Project: Self-Portrait

The Art is a self-portrait (a drawing of yourself) based on Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa.

MATERIALS: You will need pencil with eraser, scissors, ruler, color pencils (or markers, crayons or pastels) and paper.

You may wish to print our Picture Frame and draw your portrait on that paper or you can draw and color your own picture frame.

Before you start your actual portrait you may want to practice the following drawing techniques:

EYES: Draw a football shape, add lashes, put in the iris and pupil, shade the iris and add eyelids and other details. Note: The iris is never a full circle, part of it is always hidden.

NOSE: Draw the bottom of the nose as a line, then shape it with nostrils, shade to show the ball of the nose, add lines going down towards the mouth on the sides, shade under the nose to make it stick out.

MOUTH: Draw the length of the mouth, add the upper lip then the bottom lip, add shading and other details around the corners of the mouth.

PORTRAIT: Use pencil to sketch your portrait. Use very light pencil lines so that you can barely see them and they are easy to erase.

Step 1: Draw an oval shape for the face on a separate piece of paper. Different faces have different shapes, some are oval, some are more round and some are more square.

Step 2: Once you are happy with your face shape, you can cut it out and on the paper you are doing your artwork, trace around it lightly.

Step 3: Draw a vertical (from top to bottom) line in the middle of the oval shape.

Step 4: Then a horizontal (from side to side) line in the middle of the oval shape. Will call this Line 1 and this is where the eyes will go.

Step 5: Draw another horizontal line in the middle of Line 1 and the bottom of the oval shape. Will call this line, Line 2 and this is where the nose will go.

Step 6: Draw another horizontal line in the middle of Line 2 and the bottom of the oval shape. Will call this Line 3 and this is where the mouth will go.

Step 7: The ears will go between Line 1 and Line 2.

Step 8: You can go now back to Line 1 and draw your eyes. Tip: The distance between the two eyes should approximately the size of one eye.

Step 9: You can add eye brows.

Step 10: On Line 2 draw your nose and on Line 3 draw your mouth.

Step 11: When you are finished drawing the eyes, brows
, nose and mouth, you can erase the rest of your horizontal and vertical pencil

Step 12: You can erase the top of the Oval shape too.

Step 13: You can now draw hair, remember that your hair starts at your forehead, not at the top of your head.

Step 14: You can draw your neck. It should be as thick as if you drew a line at the end of your eyes straight down.

Step 15: Draw the rest of your shoulders and clothes

Step 16: You may add some hair clips, earings, necklaces, pins, hat, scarf...whatever you may wear.

Step 17: Now you are ready to color your self-portrait with colors that resemble you. Try to use shading on the skin to make it look more real and also look in a mirror and see which areas of your face are darker than others so you can shade them on your portrait.

Step 18: If you didn't print our Picture Frame, you can add a frame by making a border on the edges of the paper and color and design it yourself.

Step 19: You can color the background too. 


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