The Art Project: Lion Sketch

The Art Project is to do a sketch, like Sir Peter Paul Reubens, of a Lion. A Sketch is a study or rough draft of an idea you have that you want to draw or paint. Before you actually do the final drawing you sketch those ideas on paper. Sometimes it takes many sketches before you reach the final copy that you like.

MATERIALS NEEDED: You will need paper (color paper works well if using chalk), chalk, charcoal or pencil. You don't really need an eraser because sketches are just rough lines that do not have to be perfect. It just allows you to practice drawing your ideas on paper.

Step 1
Look at the first picture and try to copy it on a piece of paper.

Step 2
Then move on to the next picture, one by one, until you have finished drawing the entire lion.

Step 3
You can make changes along the way if you wish.

Step 4
It's OK to start all over again if you do not like your sketch.

Step 5
When you are finished with your sketch and you are happy with it, you may want to trace it on a new piece of paper if it's too messy. You can use a carbon copy paper and trace over your sketch lines. Or by turning your sketch to the back of the paper and with a lead pencil cover the background completely with pencil.

Then place it on the paper you wish your sketch to go on and retrace your lines without moving your paper. When done you will find a light copy of your sketch, transfered to the new page.

Step 6
Once your sketch is copied, you can color it.



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