Stained Glass Window

This art project is based on "Stained Glass Window in Homage to Dag Hammarskjold" by Marc Chagall. Stained-glass windows are designed to take advantage of the light that shines through them. You can find many beautiful stained glass windows in churches or older buildings. Have you ever stopped to noticed their detail? This project will allow us to make our own version of a stain glass window.

MATERIALS YOU WILL NEED: You will need 1 sheet of black construction paper (no smaller than 8-1/2" x 11"), clear phane paper (same size as construction paper), scissors, glue, chalk (can use crayon or pastel), permanent markers and newspaper to cover your working area.

STEP 1 - Take construction paper and make approximately a 3/4" border using chalk. Then shade in border with chalk. Shading does not need to be perfect.

STEP 2 - Then draw 3 basic shapes. Odd numbers work best. (You can do 1 big shape if you are under 7 or more shapes if you are older.)You can draw hearts, circles, squares, trees, apples, stars, any basic shape you like.

STEP 3 - Once you have your basic shapes, outlined them with at least a 1/2" border. Shade in the border.

STEP 4 - Connect your basic shapes to at least 2 outside borders by drawing strips. Shade in these connections also.

STEP 5 - Once your basic shapes are connected to the outside borders, you can have fun making angular or curved shapes to connect the basic shapes to each other. Shade in the connecting borders also.

STEP 6 - Now you will find that the inside of your basic shapes are black (not shaded in by chalk)and also the spaces that are between all the connections you made.

STEP 7 - You need to cut all the black construction paper shapes that are not shaded in by chalk. To do this, find the middle of the shape and pierce it with the tip of the scissors. You may need help from a grown up. Then cut to the border of the shape and work around the shape. You do not need to keep the black shapes you cut off.

STEP 8 - Once all the black pieces are cut out. You need to put glue on all the shaded parts. Do not put too much, a thin line along the connections and borders will do. 

STEP 9 - Then take the clear phane and put it slowly on the side of the construction paper that has glue on. Take any wrinkles off smoothly and gently, lifting it up if necessary. You may need to replace the newspaper at this point for a fresh one that has no glue on it. Do not worry if the other side of the clear phane has glue, you can clean it off or let it dry, as it will dry clear. 

STEP 10 - Then on the top of the clear phane (the bottom of clear phane is glued to construction paper and you can see the glue through this side), you can start coloring the inside of the basic shapes with markers. If for some reason the clear phane tears, you can use clear tape after you are finished coloring it. 

STEP 11 - Finish coloring with markers and let it dry for a few minutes. Then you can turn it around and if you have some newspaper stuck to your black construction paper, you can color it black so it would not show.

Now you are finished with your masterpiece, go ahead and tape it to a window and see the pretty colors come through. 


Read more about Marc Chagall here.

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