The Art Project: Stamp Art

This art project is based on Katsushika Hokusai woodcut print “The Great Wave”. Since Hokusai was great at doing surimono prints ("printed things" for special occasions, such as cards and announcements) and the holiday season will soon begin, we will create a cardboardcut print that we can use to do holiday cards, placemats or to decorate gift wrapping paper among other things.

MATERIALS NEEDED: Cardboard or Styrofoam, glue, pencil, brush, scissors, newspaper, a paper plate or wax paper (for pallet) and poster or tempera paint. Paper towels a must for little ones.

Step 1
Decide on a simple holiday shape that you can use on holiday cards, placemats or anywhere else you need a holiday stamp. For example: a pumpkin, a Christmas tree, a snowman, an apple. In this case we are using a fall leaf.

Step 2
You will need two pieces of cardboard about 4” x 4” each. You can later make different sizes.

Step 3
On one of the pieces of cardboard draw your design to fit the entire square.

Step 4
Cut off the shape of the design and glue the back part to the other square piece of cardboard.

Step 5
Let it dry completely. If you are making different designs or sizes, you can work on those now.

Step 6
Once it is dry, this will be your stamp. On a paper plate or wax paper put two to three colors of paint that you will use but do not mix it yet.

Step 7
Once you have the three colors you will use, do not mix it so much that they become one color only. Barely mix it so that you can see the different colors and a bit of their blended colors together. Go easy on the dark colors, you can always add more of these if needed later.

Step 8
Once you have the paint just a bit mixed, put your stamp on the paint and lift it up.
Use your brush to add paint to any missed areas on your stamp, just dabbing the paint as not to smudge the colors.

Step 9
Now you are ready to stamp on your holiday cards, placemats, wrapping paper or wherever you have decided to use your holiday stamp.

Step 10
Once your stamp has paint, slowly, as it could be very slippery once it touches your paper, place stamp on your paper and gently push all areas of the stamp so your design shows up clearly.

Step 11
Now use the back of your brush to add any details needed. In this case, the veins of the leaf were added to the stamped leaf. Also used the brush to add a few other details were you did not use the stamp.

Step 12
Let it dry completely and then show it off!


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