The Art Project:  Starry Night

This Art Project is based on Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night". It's very simple but you can add more details for a great art project.

MATERIALS: You will need construction paper (Color construction paper works better), color chalk, pastels or crayons. 


Step 1 

Start by drawing the moon and the moving wind.

Step 2 

Add an outline around the moon with a different color.

Step 3 

Draw the stars and planets. The more the better.

Step 4 

Outline the stars and planets too and the pattern of the moving wind with a different color.

Step 5 

Draw the big tree. Use different colors to make it dark and with depth.

Step 6 

Draw small buildings of different sizes. The further away from the front the smaller they should be.

Step 7

Do the ground for the buildings.

Step 8 

Fill in more of the sky with winding strokes.

Step 9 

Add more details to the buildings, sky and trees.

Step 10 

If you used pastels or color chalk you may need to spray it with a fixative or hair spray so the painting will not smere when you touch it. (Ask an adult to do this for you out doors).


Read more about Vincent Van Gogh here.

Step 1
Step 2-5
Step 6
Steps 7-9
Step 10

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