Stories or Fairy Tales

A Well Known Story or Fairy Tale – There are many wonderful children stories, fairy tales and folk tales that fill our imagination. People have shared their personal stories through generations and some have made “Family Trees”, quilts with each square patch describing part of a story, or have made photo albums into a work of art with the different types of acid free paper, pens and clip art. Some of the best stories I remember are fictional and many had a small lesson to learn at the end. How about Harry Potter? What they all have in common is that we use our imagination to make our stories come to life.

The Assignment:

A) Read your favorite story or fairy tale.

B) If the book has pictures, take a moment to look at them.

1) Why do you think the artist painted them the way she or he did?

2) Is that the way you would have painted them?

3) What changes would you have made?

C) Pick your favorite scene from the story and make a piece of artwork about it.

D) Write a short paragraph describing your picture and the scene from the story.
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