Victor Vasarely was born in Hungary in 1908. Since he was only a little boy of seven he showed exceptional talent for drawing. He studied medicine as he grew up but he soon realized how much he loved art and decided to take graphic classes from a former member of the famous Bauhaus School. His teacher would suggest that students start their studies of composition by using the square, dividing it into several planes or surfaces, according to the different values and rhythms.

Vasarely worked on figures at first but his interest in the preciseness of geometry took over and became the "Father of Op Art" as he was the pioneer and chief exponent of the Optical Art movement. Vasarely didn't care if the work of art could be easily copied because he felt that a work should be valued not necessarily for the originality of its design but for the originality of its meaning. Vasarely was considered a radical in his times but his works and ideas were a great source of inspiration for many artists of the 1960s.

VEGA-NOR - Optical Art is about distorted shapes and vibrating colors that challenge and manipulate the eye to perceive the illusion of movement.

In this painting Vasarely creates the illusion of an enormous bulge coming out of a flat surface. He used compasses, rulers, color and shapes to fool our vision and creating this illusion. The largest squares in the exact center of the painting meet our eyes boldly and as the other squares recede they become smaller and are distorted into diamond shapes.

Blue squares are set on green squares; green squares are set on blue. These are further layered onto backgrounds of different color. The use of the deep red and orange cause the design to vibrate. Notice how one red background is diagonally opposed to the other red background; the orange tones are similarly balanced.

This painting is sharp, clean and balanced with no outlined areas, only solid colors separated by different shapes.

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