The Art Project:  Impressionist Art

This art project is based on Claude Monet's Water Lilies. It's very easy to do and fun.

MATERIALS NEEDED: Watercolors, crayons, white construction paper, brush, pencil, water container and newspaper to cover working area. 

Step 1 - Draw very lightly with pencil (so that you can barely see the pencil lines) the shapes of the lilies and leaves. If you group them in odd numbers it usually looks better. Kids 7 and younger can do about 8 or less lilies and older kids can do a lot more with different color lilies.Step 2 - Then with crayons color the lilies. They can be white, yellow or pink. You use several colors in the same lily. Notice white won't seem to show up right now because your paper is white, but it will show up afterwards. 

Step 3 - With crayons color the leaves around the lilies. Use different shades of green. 

Step 4 - Using water colors, use blue mixed with plenty of water so that it's a very soft blue wash on all the background.

Step 5 - You will notice that the water color does not affect the parts you colored with crayons because of the wax in the crayons.

Step 6 - Then go back to the watercolors and add a darker blue, hardly use any water with your blue (This is called dry brush painting). Add shadows around the lilies and leaves with this blue. Also where you want water to appear deeper. Do leave some blue wash areas without any more paint so it appears as though clouds are reflecting.

Step 7 - Then using green with not too much water, add it around the leaves again and where water may reflect trees.


Read more about Claude Monet here.
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