The Art Project: Weaving  

This are project is based on the Chinese Dragon Robe. The art project I chose is a weaving project out of paper. I had originally done it with a Dragon drawing and doing it's body by weaving yarn, but I found that kids under 8 years of age find it very hard to understand the concept of weaving when doing a complicated design. So I thought I'd start with something simple and as they comprehend how to weave they can try a more complicated design. For this month, since Valentine's day is coming soon, I chose a heart.

MATERIALS NEEDED: Two construction papers (two different colors), scissors, ruler, glue, pencil and scratch paper.

Step 1
Practice making a heart on scratch paper.

Step 2
Once you like your drawing, cut out the heart and trace it on your background construction paper, in the center.

Step 3
Starting in the middle of the heart, take your ruler and using it's width, draw two vertical lines, staying inside the heart.

Step 4
Continue to use the ruler and draw more vertical lines to the sides of the middle lines, until all of the heart is full of lines.

Step 5
Parents may need to help here by starting to cut the vertical lines inside the heart.

Step 6
Cut all the vertical lines inside the heart.

Step 7
Now take your second construction paper and with the ruler make long lines next to each other, using the ruler's width as a guide again.

Step 8
Cut the lines, so you will have several strips of paper.

Step 9
Start with the top of the heart and chose the first middle strip you drew.

Step 10
Take one of the strips and put it under the middle heart strip so that the rest of the long strip is center to the sides of the heart.

Step 11
Now go over the next heart strip on the side and then under the following one. Do the same on the other side.

Step 12
At the end of the heart where there is no place to go under, just leave the top of the strip over the heart.

Step 13
Once you are done with the first strip do the second strip. Start by doing the opposite you did with the first strip. Start by placing it on top of the middle heart strip then go under and over until the sides are completed.

Step 14
Again, leave the ends on top of the heart that can not go under. You need to move the second strip up, so that it's next to the first strip.

Step 15
Repeat this until all of the heart has strips weaved through it.

Step 16
Once all the strips are placed on the heart. Take your pencil and draw your heart again, this time you are drawing on top of the long strips you used to weave.

Step 17
Once the shape of the heart is drawn, start cutting the outside of the long strips where the heart shape was drawn.

Step 18
Now that you have a heart shape and all the long strips cut, you will notice you can now go over and under the edges of the heart you couldn't do before.

Step 19
You can now use glue at the ends to secure the long strips in place better. The back may need the edges glued as well.

Step 20
You now have a beautiful weaved heart and you can use it as a placemat for your table or when it is done drying you can make a valentine's card by cutting your weaved heart (leaving a small edge around the heart) and gluing it on a new construction paper.



Learn more about the Chinese Dragon Robe here.
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