The Art Project:  Wire Sculpture

This art project is based on the sculpture artist Henry Moore. He used simple smooth surfaces with empty spaces to give beauty to his sculptures. We will create a small simple sculpture out of wire that can be used as a picture or note holder or a gift.

Younger children may need help with shaping the wire and older children can make a more advance design.

MATERIALS NEEDED-Kids Coat Hanger (they tend to be easier to shape and already coated), a wooden dowel or bottle (3/4" to 1" approx. in diameter) and gardening gloves (helpful when you are shaping the wire). Optional: pliers for bending wire).

Step 1
Create a simple sketch of what you want to shape your wire into keeping in mind that it must have a at least one place where it overlaps. For this project I'm just going to shape the wire into circles.

Step 2
Undo the coat hanger so it's almost a straight wire.

Step 3
Find the middle of the wire and try to wrap it around the dowel. I'm using the neck of a plastic bottle in this project.

Step 4
Keep wrapping one side of the wire only, until you finish one side. You should have 4 to 6 circles. The less circles you wrap around, the taller your sculpture will be.

Step 5
Once you are done with the circles, take them out of the dowel.

Step 6
Take the end of the wire you shaped into a circle and bend it over the rest of the circles.

Step 7
Take the long side of the wire and bend it to meet the other end of the wire you just shaped, over the circles and connect them by twisting them together.

Step 8
Take the end of the long wire and wrap it around the dowel or bottle neck to make one last circle at the end.

Step 9
Take the circle and this will be the base of your sculpture, so bend the rest of the wire so that it stands on this last circle.

Step 10
Once you have shaped it and it can balance on a table, you can take your favorite photos, greeting card or notes and place them on your sculpture. It would be a nice gift for the holidays if you give it with a picture of yourself or a greeting card.



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